• 01 Oct 2015 6:02 PM | Scott Sampson (Administrator)
    The 29th annual Hell's Bay Boatworks CCA Orlando Banquet presented by Carl Black Orlando begins at 6:00 PM on Thursday, October 1st!
    We have a great venue, the Winter Park Community Center, conveniently located in downtown Winter Park, with free valet parking! Plus a terrific  meal by Arthur's Catering. Add in open bar all night and this is going to be one party you do not want to miss!
    We will also be giving away a brand new Hell's Bay Glades Skiff that night!

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  • 04 Sep 2015 6:11 PM | Scott Sampson (Administrator)

    Chris Dembinsky has been visiting the nearshore sites on a weekly basis and recording amazing evidence of ecological succession at these brand new reefs.
    Juvenile Gray Triggerfish, i.e, < 8" in length were observed and near legal size Gray (Mangrove) Snapper were abundant.
    Attached are images from the Flagler reef construction area.
    The Triggerfish are perhaps grazing on the barnacle growth on the reef structures.
    Thanks for the photos Chris.

  • 02 Sep 2015 5:56 PM | Scott Sampson (Administrator)

    At its September meeting in Fort Lauderdale, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) amended its stone crab trap regulations for stone crab traps used in Collier, Monroe and Miami-Dade counties.

    Beginning this year’s stone crab season, the use of round entrances (also known as throats or funnels) will no longer be allowed for stone crab traps used in state or federal waters off these three counties. The changes will also require that the rectangular or rounded rectangular entrances typically used in stone crab traps be no larger than 5½ by 3 1/8 inches at the most narrow portion of the opening.

    The changes will bring the gear regulations for these three counties more closely in line with the way the stone crab fishery has traditionally operated in the region and prevent the use of stone crab traps to target lobster. The FWC did not adopt any changes to the allowable size of the overall trap, although that had been considered previously.

    The new measures related to configuration of the stone crab trap entrance will be effective Oct. 5.

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  • 09 Jul 2015 6:11 PM | Scott Sampson (Administrator)
    At its April 15 meeting in Tallahassee, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) approved increasing the minimum size limit of gray triggerfish in Atlantic state waters from 12 inches fork length to 14 inches fork length.

    This change makes Atlantic state water regulations consistent with new federal regulations. The change also makes the minimum size limit for gray triggerfish in Atlantic state waters (from shore to 3 nautical miles) the same as it is in Gulf state waters (from shore to 9 nautical miles). This minimum size limit applies to both recreational and commercial harvest.

    For more information, visit and click on "The Commission" and "Commission Meetings." To learn more about gray triggerfish, visit and click on "Saltwater," "Recreational Regulations" and "Triggerfish."

  • 01 Jul 2015 6:31 PM | Scott Sampson (Administrator)
    Fishery stakeholders asked to provide Council with input during a series of webinars and comment station meetings July 7 - 30, 2015.

    The South Atlantic Fishery Management Council is developing a long-term "vision" for managing the snapper grouper fishery. Looking for fresh ideas, the Council hit the road in 2014 to meet one-on-one with fishery stakeholders at port meetings throughout the region to hear what is and is not working in the fishery and solutions for managing the fishery in the future. Input received at these port meetings along with ideas from the Council members themselves were compiled to create a DRAFT VISION BLUEPRINT for the snapper grouper fishery.

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  • 12 Jun 2015 11:32 PM | Scott Sampson (Administrator)

    The FWC Division of Marine Fisheries Management is conducting a short survey to help determine priority areas for marine fisheries management projects. 

    Marine fish and invertebrates are your resources. This is your opportunity to assist in the management of your resource. 

    The survey will be available online through June 25. One survey per person.

    Have questions? Call Marine Fisheries at 850-487-0554 or email

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  • 05 Jun 2015 12:25 PM | Scott Sampson (Administrator)

    This comes as a surprise to all of us here at CFOA but NOAA just announced that Red Snapper will NOT be opening this year in the Southeast Atlantic.

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  • 05 Jun 2015 12:24 PM | Scott Sampson (Administrator)

    Saturday and Sunday, June 6-7, saltwater recreational fishing license requirement will be waived.

    Saturday and Sunday, June 13-14, freshwater recreational fishing license requirement will be waived.

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  • 18 May 2015 9:03 PM | Scott Sampson (Administrator)
    CFOA wants to thank all the veterans out there for their service!  We currently have many veterans in the club and wanted to help the American Legion spread the word.  Currently they are....

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  • 12 May 2015 9:50 PM | Scott Sampson (Administrator)

    We had a great meet up this past Monday.  Trolling was the hot topic and Dolphin and Tuna seemed to be mentioned quite often.  

    Featured Speaker - Joe Bielowski

    Our featured speaker was Joe Bielowski and you could tell he was very passionate about trolling.  He covered many tips and techniques including the minute details that help make the difference.  

    Some things I found interesting where how he used his teasers and where he placed them in the trolling spread.  You can find many of these tips and more in his book Trolling Tips The Pros Don't Want You to Know.  

    Member Spotlight

    In our member spotlight Scott Van De Houten talked about how he trolls for Dolphin this time of year.  He really likes using teasers to draw the fish in but the thing I found most interesting is that he always trolls naked ballyhoo on a light drag around the teasers.  This is so if a sailfish grabs it, the light drag will allow the fish to eat the bait before you tighten it and set the hook.  On the baits on the outriggers and shotgun he usually adds a skirt and has a tight drag to set the hook immediately. 

    Don't miss out on the next member spotlight, these talks are great!

    May Central Florida Fishing Report

    The fishing reports were mostly covering the hot dolphin bite outside of port canaveral with some large fish being caught.  We had some of our members take some adventures down south and added blackfin tuna from Marathon and Ft. Lauderdale.  Add Wahoo, yellowtail, and amberjack to that keys report as well.  These reports are another benefit of coming out to the meetings.  Learn whats biting so you can capitalize on your next trip.

    Monthly Raffle

    The Raffle included some great trolling plugs, skirts and freestyle jigs along with a Redfish Extreme rod and reel combo donated from Bass Pro Shops Orlando.  These raffles happen every social and are always a lot of fun!

    See you at the next Social!

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